She’s only 10 years old but she has big questions.

  1. Mom, what will happen to us if you go to prison for a year?
  2. How could you do this to us? You know that we could get adopted, right?
  3. How could you love a person who doesn’t want you to have us?
  4. Why are drugs more important than us?
  5. Do you still love us?

This is a peek into the minds of the children we serve at Family Service Society, Inc.  Children, in our community, who are coping with the reality of having parents who are addicts—drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications.  We’re asking these same children to behave in school and at Grandma’s house.  We’re asking these children to be patient and hold on.  We’re asking these children to keep it together in foster care.

Take a moment.  Put yourself inside these questions.  Picture yourself as a ten year old child.  Imagine the wondering.  Imagine the fear.  Imagine the feelings of insecurity.  If you have children or grandchildren of your own, nieces or nephews—picture them holding these same questions about you.


We know better.  So we are doing better.  Now we need your help to give our kids and families our best.

Again this season, several Grant County families have come together to offer a challenge gift to help twice as many people through Family Service Society, Inc. by December 31, 2017. Together, these families are doubling any dollar you give to Family Service Society – up to $30,000 – between now and December 31, 2017.  The families do so, hoping you and others will give enough funds so Family Service Society, Inc. can raise $60,000 or more by December 31st.

Every dollar you give will be doubled – up to $30,000 – through December 31st so we can keep delivering life-changing care and walk side by side with nearly 14,000 people who need our services.

And between now and the end of the year, we are asking those of you reading this letter to give as generously as you can so we can keep those services flowing.  That way, we can reach children and families still struggling with emotional, psychological and physical needs.


Your contribution may be the one that helps this child to know she matters—not just to her mother, but to all of us.  Your gift is important because…

  • every child deserves a loving home
  • every child deserves to grow up feeling secure and wanted
  • every child deserves a safe place to sleep and play
  • every child deserves to feel important
  • every child deserves the opportunity to thrive

I thank you for your gift and I look forward to sharing great reports of lives changed for good thanks to your generosity.