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There is a great line out of the chorus of John Mayer’s song, In Repair, that says “I’m not together, but I’m getting there; I’m in repair.” I feel a little like that now having come through a challenging time both personally and professionally.  It’s as if I’m in repair and re-emerging more myself than I’ve been in a long time.

Last night I took my first outdoor run/walk with Husker since having my hysterectomy in May.  Bathed in moonlight, we quietly slogged (technical term for slow jog) along through the dark countryside led by our moon shadows.  I couldn’t help but smile as we moved in unison through the evening air.  Five months ago I couldn’t see this moment.  I felt proud of myself for getting to this point in my healing.  I started thinking about how we never know moments like this are coming—moments of pure joy; moments when our inner lights shine bright.

As Husker and I progressed from the darkness of the country roads and moved toward the streetlights of our neighborhood, I couldn’t help but think about how we are always becoming. We are rediscovering ourselves. Reinventing ourselves. And returning to our true selves.

As I think back, at different times in my life I had this same feeling of returning to ME.  After I finished nursing my babies and could return to running long runs without time limits; after my kids went to elementary school and I was able to volunteer more actively during the day and ultimately return to the workforce; about 18 months after my first marriage ended and I started to see that I had turned myself into someone I didn’t recognize in order to fit a mold.

There’s another great John Mayer lyric “will I dim the lights inside me just to satisfy someone?”

Living out of congruence with yourself generally leads to discontent and, eventually, misery.  I see many people who dim their lights in an effort to fit in or to adjust because it seems easier at the time to go along.  The great thing about life is it gives you many opportunities to return to yourself and become the YOU that you were intended to BE.

Take a moment to ask yourself if your inner light is dim.  Cast off the shadows.  Reclaim your extraordinary self.  And put YOUR lights on BRIGHT.

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