From a Detention Center Client, Jamie’s Story:

Jamie's Story“My personal experiences and my difficult family situation gave me the mindset that I had to do it all myself. I went from neither trusting nor listening to anyone’s advice, to carefully putting trust in close friends . . .the ones who stood by me and kept me focused. Without the help of Family Service Society’s Barb Nehring I would have fallen on my face. She has a special way of working with others. So now I tell others that it doesn’t matter what type of situation you are in, it’s all about how you pull through the situation. And I would not have pulled through without the help of Family Service Society. Thank you.” – Jamie is currently attending college and working full time.
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Your gift to Family Service Society, Inc. will help change lives for good through programs that encourage, empower and educate children and families in northern Indiana. Donations can be made securely online, or you can download our Donation Form and mail it to us! If you have any questions about your donation options, please contact Jeanelle Artherhults at 765-662-9971 ext. 106 or

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Lisa’s Giving Smiles Fund
Lisa Pattison lived her life to the fullest each day — always seeking life’s adventures! She valued strong families, creativity, and young people. It is the desire of her family to pass on Lisa’s Legacy in connection with the mission of Family Service Society, Inc. to encourage, empower, and educate inviduals, familes, and communities to improve their quality of life. If you would like to be a part of passingon Lisa’s legacy, your gift to the Lisa’s Giving Smiles Fund will help accomplish that goal. The funds will go toward helping to meet current and emerging needs for individuals, families, and the communities served by Family Service Society, Inc.

To give to this fund, please contact 765-662-9971. 

Family Service Society, Inc. is pleased that for the past several years, we have been awarded the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits for 2014 from the Indiana Department of Commerce.  This tax credit opportunity is available to select non-profits in the state to offer to donors.

Funds generated through this program support counseling services for children and adults who have suffered the trauma of abuse. Funds raised through this initiative will provide significant additional resources for the children and families in Grant County. This opportunity also provides you, the donor, the ability to take a state tax credit one-half the amount donated.  You may also take this donation as a charitable deduction as the law allows on your federal tax filing.  The tax credits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We find out the number of credits we have to sell in July each year

We hope that you will take advantage of this unique opportunity to fund much needed services while enjoying a financial benefit.  If you are interested please contact Jeanelle Artherhults at 765-662-9971 ext. 106 or to secure your amount.  The minimum amount of the donation per state guidelines is $100.00 per individual or business.

If you would like more information about the tax credits or the services being funded please contact Family Service Society for details.

Perhaps you have extra items around your house you may be willing to donate to those in need. The Flannery-Keal Domestic Violence Shelter always has women and children in need of various household items such as new clothes, furniture, and toiletries. For a list of items typically needed by those who access the shelter, click here.

If you wish to make an in-kind donation, please contact Linda Wilk.